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Luka Pottery dinner set

We offer unique handmade pottery painted by artists

So you can instantly enjoy the beauty of home decor made with heart

The hand-made items positively affect our mood. We keep them at home as they emphasise the unique character of our houses.

What could be more pleasant on a rainy day than a hot, black tea with cloves, pieces of orange and some raspberry juice, freshly brewed in your favourite hand-made mug?

If you like handicraft items, check the creations of two pottery artists – Agata Wiślińska and her son, Luca. Their products have delighted us for years. When we lived in Warsaw, our whole family loved to attend their ceramics workshops and collected their handcrafted items.

Now we live in the Netherlands and decided to open the online store with Agata’s and Luca’s handicraft. We hope that you’ll enjoy this type of ceramic tableware as much as we do and that thanks to you, the family of Luka Pottery collectors will start growing outside its cradle country.

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    Walking Stones is a brand of Puente APM registered in the Netherlands.

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